Smoke Alarm Repairs & Installation

Smoke Alarm Inastallation SydneyGone are the days when homes and offices stacked only fire extinguishers to combat fire related incidents. Today, the best of modern fire alarm technology is at your door step.

If you don’t already have one, you must invest in it. If you have, remember that it is something that should always be in working condition and protecting you and your home.

Smoke Alarm Installation Sydney Services

Secure your home and your family by installing a reliable smoke alarm system. At Power Group Electrical, we specialise in sizing up the property, advising and effecting the installation of the right system you need.

Whether it’s a new property or a new smoke alarm installation sydney, we can advise on the right course required. If it’s a case of an old property or an outdated smoke alarm system, we can help inspect and ensure you have the right solution.

Smoke Alarm Repairs and Maintenance

It is important to ensure that your smoke alarm system goes through a periodic maintenance. This has to be done by an experienced and certified professional. At Power Group Electrical, we specialise in a bouquet of smoke alarm installation Sydney and repair services in Sydney that include thorough testing of the system and cleaning the units. Also, the battery also needs regular attention and replacement, when required.

A well-maintained smoke alarm system is built to last for years. Where there is a need for any repair, our expert technicians know where to troubleshoot – a drained battery, a loose contact, an unclean point. But if your alarm tends to go off without any smoke or fails to go off when there is, it is time for immediate attention and repair.

Keep your home and loved ones secure by having a reliable smoke alarm system and having periodic maintenance done without fail.

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