Whether you require repairing a light in your living room or need to set up a LED spotlight in your kitchen or install an outdoor security lighting to enhance the safety of your home, you can rely on the lighting installation and repairs experts at Power Group Electrical to cater to your electrical lighting solutions.

We pride ourselves on our high standard of service and 100% customer satisfaction, using only the most superior quality materials and ensuring that all the work conforms to safety standards and stringent regulations.

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We undertake a wide range of lighting installation and repairs in Sydney, always ensuring that the finished result is of the most superior standard.

Lighting – Installation & Repairs in Sydney

Each house could have a different type of lighting installation and repairs and it takes an expert technician who is well-versed in all the lighting options to provide you with the highest quality of lighting services. Our comprehensive lighting services include the installation and repair of an extensive range of lighting fixtures.

Security Lighting – Installation & Repairs

The installation of outdoor lighting leads to better safety and security for your home. Whether you’re looking to installing a new security lighting systems in your property or to repair the existing security lighting, we can assist you with a high level of customer service and a quick response.

LED Lighting – Installation & Repairs

LED lights not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, these lights are energy efficient, durable, last longer, and most importantly are eco-friendly. Our lighting experts can install energy-efficient LED lights to make sure you’re consuming power efficiently. Whenever there is a problem with your LED lighting systems, our professionally licensed electrician can repair the fixture and restore the optimal lighting performance.

If you need to hire a professional electrician to provide you with lighting installation and repairs services in Sydney, call Power Group Electrical at 0455 888 895.

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